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      Who we are

      RARR designs and innovates technical apparel for those of us who move, for those of us who compete and those of us who live a functionally fit lifestyle.


      We are dedicated to improving the well-being of athletes and fitness communities and strive to positively impact as many people as possible through active partnership building, creating products that people love and serving customers with an experience that goes the extra mile.

      The journey

      RARR was founded by Amy & Chris Rohrer who met abroad while working for activewear apparel manufacturers. While working on production for many larger brands, they were constantly surprised at how much these high-profile companies would sacrifice in quality & details in order to maximize profit.


      From the very beginning RARR decided that anything we make will be without sacrifices by focusing on meshing premium fabrics with practical designs and quality accessories. After a year of using their experience in the industry to source factories and complete the development of their core collection, Amy & Chris launched RARR in May 2017.

      The apparel

      RARR creates high quality products made for your high intensity workouts, heavy lifts and everything in between. Our goal is to design gear that will support you for your active life on the move.


      We develop our own premium fabrics built for durability and comfort. Each product is designed with functionality in mind. Every detail matters and we are devoted to making training apparel & products with unmatched comfort, quality and innovation.

      Built For Movement

      Just like we create our gear to be versatile, we believe that people are meant to be active and we want to be ready for anything. No matter the workout or the situation, we are prepared to put in the work so we can do our best.


      With this in mind Built For Movement was born. It is a constant reminder to us to that we are made to run, jump, play and work hard. We are made to compete and to thrive against adversity. We are Built For Movement.



      The RARR mindset

      Progress Through Passion: At RARR we work hard doing what we love. There will be challenges, but it’s about the belief in where we are heading and harnessing that passion to overcome the obstacles in our way. It’s all about embracing those challenges, putting in the work and making incremental improvements over time.


      Build Positive Relationships: Our goal is to create long-term relationships and develop genuine connections with everyone in our circle. We strive to build relationships based on trust and communication.  


      Support Our Community: RARR always seeks to establish itself as a reliable collaborator, ally and friend within the fitness community. Our foundation is built on partnerships and we would do anything in our power to support those around us.


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